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Whatever you dream of doing, I hope you don’t wait as long as I did to give it a try.

Ever since I learned how to form letters on paper, I’ve loved to write. Unfortunately, I let fear smother my dream of writing professionally. Instead, I journaled my way through the next forty years.

Everything changed when I went to a Christmas party in 2007. That’s when I made a commitment—to a total stranger—to take just one concrete action to pursue my dream. A month later I joined a local writers group. Encouraged by fellow writers, I honed my skills and started submitting my work for publication. National, regional, and online magazines began publishing my non-fiction articles. That led to my first book, released in 2012. My second book followed two years later.

I’m very grateful for the encouragement that empowered me to take that first step and each step that followed.

I wish you the best on your journey. If you’d like to learn more about mine, click here.

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