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“Barbara Hosbach has delved into the depths of her soul to write Your Faith Has Made You Well…. Hosbach points out nuances the average person has never considered. She deftly engages the reader by relating the story to his or her own experiences…. This is a book to refer to again and again.” Pat Patan

“Another great book by Barbara Hosbach. In this writing she has been able to take the bible stories we have all heard a hundred times and peel back the top layer to expose the reader to what may be happening underneath the familiar tale….This book was even better than her first and gives you plenty of time to ask yourself questions and put yourself in similar situations to those healed or looking for healing…. A wonderful read.” Jack B.

“I’m not a religious person, but I got a lot out of this book. The author explained each passage in modern terms and in the context of its place in the Bible…I enjoyed how the author explained the conflicts and relevance of each passage.” Jim

“Any book that can bring a small group together to grow in faith is a winner for me. When that book is as well done as Barbara Hosbach’s Your Faith has Made You Well – it is 5 star!! Barbara has an amazing way of bringing you back in time through the Scriptures to help you discover who you are today in Christ. [Y]ou would be hard pressed not to find yourself in at least ONE of these encounters with Christ.” Reconciled To You