Today, Tomorrow, or Yesterday?

“Most of us in journalism are too obsessed with the here and now to think about the past or future tense of our lives.” Bill Moyers


Maybe I should have majored in journalism—I spent a good part of my days either looking at the past or anticipating the future.


It’s great to recall fond memories from my childhood: climbing the apple tree in our backyard and hanging upside down by my knees from the lowest limb; sipping tea and playing gin rummy with my sister on cold winter nights; walking […]

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New Discoveries

We always think we are now at the end of our discoveries. We never are.  C. G. Jung

“Barbara, sweetheart, daughter dear—you never listen!” I heard that a lot as a teenager. Dad was right. Why listen? I already had all the answers.

After college, I confronted reality full time. Although I learned to balance a career with married life, parenthood presented a never-ending learning curve with a constantly moving target. Just when I got a handle on caring for an infant, she became a toddler. My chatty little girl started school, […]

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